News - What is best vanity sink for a bathroom?

There are a wide range of wash basins and sinks on the market nowadays. However, when we are decorating our bathroom, what kind of wash basin sinks are best for us, this guide is for you to take.

Sintered stone seamless bonding sink

Sintered stone seamless bonding sink 2

The sintered stone seamless bonding sink is a bathroom wash basin that has been highly recommended in recent times. Although it is called a sintered stone one-piece sink by name, it is not really one-piece moulded, but is spliced together by glue. Because of the limitations of the sintered stone production process, resulting in many of its shortcomings:

Sintered stone seamless bonding sink

(1) The right-angled splicing place inside the basin, it is difficult to completely and thoroughly clean, easy to cause hygiene dead ends.

(2) Because the splicing can not do curved surface, resulting in rock slab splicing basin drainage is not good, there will always be water.

(3) Because it is made of splicing, the splicing place is easy to seepage, serious or even fall off.

sintered stone sink disadvantage 3

Bathroom Vanity Sintered Stone Top Ceramics Undermount

2I sintered stone bathroom vanity

Although there are many disadvantages of sintered stone seamless bonding sink , the sintered stone material is indeed durable and beautiful. So many people settle for the next best thing and choose sintered stone for countertops with ceramic undermount sink. To a certain extent, it takes into account the advantages of the sintered stone splicing basin, and solves its disadvantage of poor drainage. However, because it is made of ceramics and sintered stone, there will be sanitary corners at the joints, which are not easy to clean. It might even fall off.

sintered stone vanity top with ceramic sink disadvantage

Ceramic Sink

ceramic  sink

Since the first two sinks are so unsatisfactory, how about ceramic one-piece sinks?
Although ceramic one-piece basins never have to worry about falling out of the basin, due to one-piece moulding, the two sides can be made into slopes, which is very watery and convenient for cleaning and hygiene, but it also has some disadvantages:
1. It is easy to be brittle and cracked, and it is easily damaged when touching heavy objects.
2. Ceramic basin only monotonous white, the shape is basically the same.

Mould firing, size limitation, almost difficult to support non-standard customisation.

ceramic sink disadvantage

The above three types of wash basins have their own disadvantages and cannot reach 100% perfection. Now we introduce one of our new products, it can avoid all the disadvantages of the above three basins, and can set all their advantages, this is our sintered stone one-piece moulding basin. That is our integrated sintered stone vanity sink, the basin and the countertop are integrated, a processing and shaping, in addition to the beauty of the value of high, one-piece basin is very practical, cost-effective.

Let's see how well it fits into your bathroom
1.High Hardness, not easy to break.
2.Low water absorption for a more hygienic bathroom.
3.Scratch- and wear-resistant countertops.
4.Sintered stone in a variety of colours and styles
5.Easy to clean, say goodbye to hygienic corners
6.Elegant Appearance
7.Easy to install

If you are choosing the right sink for your bathroom at the moment, our slate integrated sintered stone sink must be the best for you. Contact us for more information.

Post time: Jul-21-2023