News - Waterjet marble floor

Marble is very widely used in interior decoration, such as the wall, the floor, house decoration, and among them, the application of the flooring is a great part.  Consequently, the design of the ground often is one big key, besides high and luxuriant stone material waterjet marble, stylist people still like to use the collocation of all sorts of stone material to make the ground style of different effect.  
1i marble floor

1i waterjet-marble

2i marble floor

2i marble-floor

3i marble-floor

4i marble wall floor

4i marble-floor

5i marble-floor

5i marble-wall-floor

Marble waterjet pattern designs are favored by designers.  These graphics look simple, but they contain unique meanings. People integrate it into stone and then apply it to every corner, hidden in artistic creation and even architecture, giving space new vitality.   Today share some marble waterjet floor design cases for your reference.

3i waterjet-marble-floor

11i marble-floor

15i waterjet-marble-floor

18i marble-floor

14i marble-floor

17i marble-floor

Flooring marble is completed by layered shapes. The texture changes in twists and turns, softening the tough qualities of the material, such as flowers and clouds. They have a subtle relationship with the space, and in their beautiful composition, the classical lines and the elegant and unobtrusive colors exude a charming temperament, creating the visual climax of the space.

8i marble-floor

10i marble-floor

12i marble-floor

16i marble-floor


Post time: Sep-24-2021