News - How to install travertine tiles by dry hanging

The preparatory work

1. Material requirements

According to the design requirements of travertine stone: white travertine, beige travertine, golden travertine, red travertine, silver grey travertine, etc., determine the variety, color, pattern and size of the stone, and strictly control and check its strength, water absorption and other properties.

white travertine 1
silver -travertine 2

2. Main equipment tool

Bench drill, toothless cutting saw, impact drill, pistol drill, tape measure, level ruler, etc.

dry hanging install tool

3. Working conditions

Check whether the quality of the stone and the performance of all parties meet the design requirements.

Construction method

Measurement, lay-out→batching→grid positioning→elastic bolt position→drilling→connecting piece installation and fixation→welding main keel→secondary set-out→welding horizontal secondary keel→welding point cleaning and anti-corrosion→stone selection and handling→Slotting of the plate→installation of stainless steel pendant→temporary fixation of stone→adjustment and fixation and applying structural glue→foam strip embedded in the board seam and sealant→board surface cleaning→inspection.

Steel skeleton installion

The steel frame installed by the stone is mainly made of 80×40×5 square steel as the vertical main keel. When installing, first, on the surface of the main structure, at a horizontal distance of 800mm, play the vertical vertical line. Then the square steel is arranged along the vertical vertical line.

After the layout is completed, determine the fixed point, expansion bolt, position on both sides of the square steel according to the vertical spacing of 1500mm, and drill with an electric hammer, 16 round holes, fix the angle steel of ∠50×50×5, and cut it into about 100mm for the corner code connector.

Use a bench drill to drill the side of the corner code connection, 12.5 round holes and fixing points, expansion bolts, and install the fixing points. At the same time, connect the connecting piece to the main keel, install and weld.
After the main keel is installed, the horizontal sub-keel positioning line is popped out on the surface of the main keel according to the vertical grid size of the stone, and then the ∠50×50×5 angle steel is connected to the main keel and welded.

beige travertine 3

Steel skeleton welding

1. The welding electrode adopts E42
2. Welding operators need to be on duty, prepare fire extinguishers, buckets and other fire prevention measures when working, and designate a special person to watch the fire.
3. Familiar with drawings and do a good job of technical disclosure.
4. During the operation of the electric welder, the length of the weld shall not be less than half of the circumference of the welding point, the thickness of the weld shall be H=5mm, the width of the weld shall be uniform, and there shall be no phenomenon such as ballast. Clean up and repaint with anti-corrosion paint twice

red-travertine-marble 4

Travertine tiles installation

1. In order to achieve the overall effect of the façade, the processing accuracy of the tiles is required to be relatively high. For the installation of the travertine tiles, the color difference should be carefully selected.

Before installation, after checking the size between surface of the structure and the exposed surface of the dry-hanging stone according to the axis of the structure, make a vertical line of metal wires rooted up and down outside the big corner of the building, and based on this, set according to the width of the building. The vertical and horizontal lines that are sufficient to meet the requirements ensure that the steel frame is on the same plane after installation, and the error is not greater than 2mm.

2. Verify the horizontal line and vertical vertical line of the board through the 100cm line in the room, so as to control the level of the board seam to be installed. The standard plane formed by the horizontal line and the vertical line is used to map the structure plane, and the degree of unevenness is vertically leveled, which provides a reliable basis for structural repair and keel installation.

3. The drilling position of the tiles shall be returned from the exposed surface of the position indicated in the figure by using the calibration tool. The groove depth and width of the plate are controlled according to the length and thickness of the stainless steel pendant.

travertine tiles installation

Quality guaranteed

1. Professional construction team.

2. For each construction part, it is necessary to strengthen the quality inspection and strictly follow the design drawings.

3. Conscientiously abide by the quality standards, and correct the problems found in the inspection in time.

4. Strengthen the acceptance of the processing quality of the stone materials entering the site, and gradually change to meet the requirements of high-quality appearance according to the possible chromatic aberration zones and parts.

5. Before installation, the overall dimensions of the base layer should be reviewed.

6. The connection between the suspension structure and the block material forms a stable finishing surface to meet the firm requirements.

7. The overall surface of the flat surface is flat, the splicing is horizontal and vertical, the seam width is uniform, and the surface is smooth and the special-shaped parts meet the requirements.

8. The slotting of the end face of the plate should be strictly required and the size should be accurate.

9. Check the effective weld according to the design requirements, and check the condition of the anti-rust paint there.

10. After each layer of dry hanging work is completed, the size and appearance should be reviewed. If the color difference of the tiles is large, it should be adjusted or replaced.

beige travertine cladding


It should be cleaned in time to remove the dirt remaining on door and window frames, glass and metal, and decorative panels. Conscientiously implement a reasonable construction sequence, and a few types of work should be done in the front to prevent damage and pollution of the external stone veneer. It is strictly forbidden to collide with the dry hanging stone veneer.

10i wall-travertine

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