News - How to clean a marble or granite headstone?

The most important part of keeping the tomb is to make sure the tombstone is clean. This ultimate guide to cleaning a headstone will provide you with step-by-step advice on how to keep it looking its finest.

1. Assess the need for cleaning. The first thing you need to do is to ask if the stone really needs to be cleaned. Marble and other materials will naturally fade over time, and every wash may damage the stone, even if you are very gentle. If the stones do not need to be cleaned, you can find other ways to commemorate their memories. If the stone is soiled by mud or other materials, then clean it up. Just realize that once you start cleaning the stones, you will find that you need to do it regularly.

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2. Harsh chemicals can damage the stone. Choose mild, mild soaps. Buy a non-ionic cleanser. Non-ionic soap does not contain harsh salt that can damage tombstones. 

3. Collect your tools. Once you have your cleaner, you can collect your remaining supplies. You need clean water. Bring some clean soft clothes such as old towels or T-shirts, and buy sponges. Natural is the best, because they are unlikely to damage the stone. Bring non-metal scrubbing pads and brushes. Choose several different brushes with different hardness levels.

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4. Check for damage. If you see signs of damage, be sure to clean it very carefully.

5. Cleaning granite tombstone. Once you have checked the stone, you can start the real cleaning. Follow the instructions on your cleanser. Mix it with proper water. Wet your sponge in your bucket and gently wipe off the surface of the stone. When you remove the first layer of dust or dirt, you can use your paintbrush. Wet your brushes, then use them to gently scrub every part of the stone. 

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6. Remove some fungal substances from the stone.

7. It is important that you know what type of stone you are dealing with, and different types require different cleaning methods. Marble requires a lighter treatment than granite. Pre-soak the stone with clean water. Repeat this process every 18 months. Frequent cleaning will make the marble rough. Limestone is another popular choice for tombstones. Use the method of cleaning marble to clean limestone.

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8. Ask an expert. The expert can tell you the approximate age of the stone. He will also be able to clearly determine the material and know the correct cleaning method and frequency.

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9. In addition to properly maintained tombstones, consider decorating the cemetery. Apply to the cemetery for a list of regulations, some materials are not allowed to be left.

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Post time: Nov-03-2021