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Open Kitchen

Speaking of an open kitchen, it must be inseparable from the kitchen island. An open kitchen without a island lacks style. Therefore, when designing, in addition to meeting the basic functional requirements, it can also make use of the user-type area to plan, placing the island in the open kitchen, creating an advanced space with a sense of ceremony.
Kitchen island seems to be a standard configuration for middle-class families; a must for an open kitchen; a favorite object for cooks. If you want to have a marble kitchen island, the area of the home should be 100 square meters or more, and the area of the kitchen should not be too small.

1 blue granite kitchen island

 Lemurian Blue Granite Island top

Kitchen island size requirements
For the kitchen island size, the minimum width of the it should be 50cm, the minimum height is 85cm, and the highest should not exceed 95cm. The distance between the island and the cabinet should be at least 75cm to ensure that the activities of one person in the kitchen are not affected. If it reaches 90cm, it is easy to open the cabinet door, the nce to the side of the island is at least 75cm, and the most comfortable distance is 90cm, so that people can pass.

2-1 kithcen-island-size

The size and length of the dining table island integrated island is usually kept at about 1.5 meters, the minimum is at least 1.3 meters, less than 1.3 meters will be relatively small, the details are not beautiful, even longer, 1.8 meters or even 2 meters , As long as the space is sufficient, there is no problem.
The width is usually 90cm, and the minimum is at least 80cm. If it exceeds 90cm, it will look more magnificent. If it is less than 85cm, it will appear narrow.
At present, the most conventional standard height of the island table is maintained at 93cm, and the standard height of the dining table is 75cm. It is necessary to make a misalignment between the island table and the dining table, that is, the height difference. The height difference is about 18cm to ensure the overall aesthetics. On the one hand, it is easy to install sockets and switches. The seat surface of the high stool with a height of 93 cm is 65cm above the ground, and the island is recessed 20cm to facilitate the placement of legs and feet on the high stool.

3 kithcen-island-size

The length of the dining table with the island table is 1.8m, and it can even be made longer. The minimum should not be less than 1.6 meters. It should not be understood as a dining table. It can be a dining table, a study table, a toy table and so on. The width of the dining table is 90cm, and the thickness of the table is recommended to be 5cm.
Many designers will consider setting the side inserts at the junction of the dining table and island. The width of the side is 40cm in length and 15cm in width. This size is a more comfortable and conventional scale. In addition, the height of the skirting of the island is controlled at 10cm.

4 marble-kithcen-island

Common designs of marble kitchen islands

a. Freestanding type-conventional kitchen island

10 kitchen countertop

b. Extended type-fits with the dining table

11 kitchen countertop

c. Peninsula type-countertop extending from the cabinet

12、 kitchen countertop


Kitchen island itself has a strong sense of functionality and form. In order to better reflect the texture and artistic sense, many designers will choose marble as the material for Kitchen island top. The modern and strong marble island kitchen design is not only charming, but also full of rich classic flavor. It is very luxurious and gives people a beautiful visual experience and enjoyment.

5 azul macauba island

Blue Azul Macauba

6i gaya quartzite island

 Gaya Quartzite

7 blue roma quartzite

Roma Blue Imperiale Quartzite

8 blue bahia granite

Blue Azul Bahia Granite

9 patagonia granite

Patagonia Granite

14 kitchen countertop

13 kitchen countertop

15 kitchen countertop

Sintered Stone

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