News - China power shortage 2021 and it could affect stone industry

China power shortage

From October 8, 2021, Shuitou, Fujian, China Stone factory officially restricted electricity. Our factory Xiamen Rising Source, is located in Shuitou town. The power outages will affect the delivery date of the marble stone order, so please place the order in advance if necessary to avoid delayed shipment.

Rising Source Group is as a direct manufacturer and supplier of natural marble, granite, onyx, agate, quartzite, travertine, slate, artificial stone, and other natural stone materials.  Quarry, Factory, Sales, Designs and Installation are among the Group's departments.  The Group was founded in 2002 and now owns five quarries in China.  Our factory has a variety of automation equipment, such as cut blocks, slabs, tiles, waterjet, stairs, counter tops, table tops, columns, skirting, fountains, statues, mosaic tiles, and so on, and it employs over 200 skilled workers can produce at least 1.5 million square meters of tile per year.

Marble exhibitions
Rising Source Marble slab exhibition
calacatta white marble tiles

Rising Source calacatta white marble tiles
agate marble

Rising Source agate marbles
onyx marble

Rising Source onyx marbles

Post time: Oct-08-2021