News - 34 types of stone window sills

The window sill is a component of the window frame. The window frame surrounds and supports the whole window framework by utilizing various components in various directions. Window heads, for example, protect the rop, window jambs protect both sides of the window, and window sills protect the bottom of the window frame.The natural stone is of magnificent color, beautiful and high-grade, strong and durable, and will not be deformed or discolored. It is very suitable for window sills. 

There are many variations of stone window sills. The edge of the window can be cut in a semicircle. It looks thick and beautiful. It can well protect the wall of the window, and it is round and does not hurt people. Here are dozens of edging design designs.

1 limestone -window-sills
2 limestone -window-sills
3 limestone -window-sills
4 limestone -window-sills
5 limestone -window-sills
6 limestone -window-sills
7 limestone -window-sills
8 limestone -window-sills

Due to the different material of the stone, it can be divided into marble window sills, granite window sills, travertine window sill, limestone window sills, sandstone window sills. It can be installed outdoors and indoors. Common indoors are kitchen window sill, bathroom window sill, shower window sill. The bullnose window sill is the most popular design. Custom marble window sills are accepted. Please contact us for more details.

9 marble-window-sills
12 marble-window-sills
10 marble-window-sills
11 marble-window-sills
13 marble-window-sills
14 marble-window-sills
15 marble-window-sills
16 marble-window-sills
17 marble-window-sills
19 marble-window-sills
18 marble-window-sills
20 marble-window-sills
22 marble-window-sills
21 marble-window-sills
23 marble-window-sills
24 marble-window-sills
25 marble-window-sills
26 marble-window-sills
28 marble-window-sills
29 marble-window-sills
27 marble-window-sills
31 marble-window-sills
30 marble-window-sills
32 marble-window-sills
33 marble-window-sills
34 marble-window-sills

Post time: Nov-17-2021